My second (but really my first) horseback ride

When I was a kid, I rode a horse. In my mind, I was riding sideways on my galloping war stallion while shooting arrows through the eyes of needles from 200 feet (as a soldier against the Great Needle Uprising of the 1980s, I guess). In reality, I sat rigid as a cement pole on a super mellow, super old horse while my friend led us by the reins down her driveway. It was five minutes of serious epicness.

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Three Whys (and One What) of Summer

“Here comes the sun. Do-do-do-do.” – The Beatles

For many students, school is almost out for the summer season. Then come three months of sleeping in, camping out or learning to do the Lindy hop. (Okay, maybe that last one is just me – and I use the word ‘learn’ with super flexibility).

As you enter the hot expanse of barbecues, vacations and fireworks, here a couple of cool things to know:

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