World’s Largest and Chewin’ the Chowder

I have two odd collections. They don’t take up space in my house, even though one of them is, by definition, enormous.

  • Trying the best chowders in the country (so much goodness in so many bread bowls)
  • Visiting the world’s “largest” whatevers (fishing lure, thermometer, mechanical cowboy – you get the idea)

I don’t keep any souvenirs beyond the extra pounds and digital photos of me and my family with big oddities. And the memories. Lots of great memories of traveling around with my husband and son, stuffing my face and marveling at not-so-small everythings.  

So every once in a while, I will add a post about the “World’s Largest… Something!” and “Chewin’ the Chowder in… Somewhere!” Possible bonus: Enough chowder could also make me the World’s Largest C.M. Greathouse.

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