Honoring moms as unique as we are

MOM 3There are lots of ways to let Mom know we love her: brunches of tiny sandwiches, bouquets of dandelions, homemade cards, pictures of totally random cats doing totally random things. Family traditions are varied, just like families themselves. Some families have more than one mom or none at all. They may be stepmothers, foster mothers, adoptive or surrogate mothers — or even a grandmother or an aunt.

Not all moms are alike either. Some of them are stay-at-home parents who work around the clock to provide for their family’s needs. Others are career women, balancing the needs of work and home. Moms can be soldiers stationed in faraway places – out of sight, but never out of mind. They might run at-home businesses, leave on humanitarian missions or pursue a college degree. Some mothers may be a precious memory that makes you smile when you remember her.

Your mom may be strict (“tiger mother”), protective (“helicopter mom”) or laid-back (“free-range mom”). Maybe she schedules weekly, sit-down family dinners or telephones regularly from across the country. Perhaps she bakes after-school cookies, points to a store-bought package in the cupboard or keeps pushing kale chips at you. She may be a single mother working a second job when you come home from school and depends on you to take care of things around the house.

No matter the type of mom you have, she likely influences who you are today. Just as every mom is different, choose your own unique way to celebrate the women who help form your world and your life. This Mother’s Day, honor your mother for the things she does that makes you who you are. Be proud of yourself and where you came from; chances are, your mother is.



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